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Kyle4reel is a small, yet powerful media development studio operated by via the wiley creative exploits of Kyle Cassie. Kyle4reel serves a roster of diverse clients throughout Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Toronto. Kyle4Reel houses all the tools, technology and skills necessary to facilitate comprehensive strategies for media development in pursuit of exhilarating results.

Kyle Cassie • Founder / Creator



yle Cassie founded Kyle4Reel as a cutting edge solution for artists in the film industry looking to expand their digital media tools and materials in this competitive film and television market. His vast experience helps inform a creative edge when executing projects to specifically to suit a clients needs.

Kyle Cassie has spent over fourteen years as a professional in the film industry. After collecting a large list of credits as a leading actor on studio feature films, network TV series and Independent film projects he's more recently also graduated into the world of filmmaking. His love for making moving pictures started with editing where he's logged over 6000 hours in his edit suite the last 6 years recently earning him an award nomination for editing & producing the short thriller, 'Unexpected Guest'.

Kyle has an insatiable appetite for playing maestro to pictures in motion and as an editor delivers seamless, evocative cuts chasing the most effective execution possible. Kyle just delivered his fourth feature as film editor and in addition to that also filled roles as 2nd Unit Director/Cinematographer on the thriller 'Blackburn'and film Colorist on the Gary Busey Indie 'CandiLand'. He also Directed/Produced/Edited/Colored the sexy edgy music Video 'Spider' for the band, SX70 and is now in development for his first feature as Writer/Director/Editor/Colorist with his co-conspirator and long time girlfriend, Actor Emilie Ullerup.

Kyle has also just signed on as film editor on'Thai-sanity', a travel thriller shot in Thailand for Stryke-Force films based in NYC and looks forward to dropping the "pedal to the metal" on this exciting feature for delivery later this year.